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Roger Hansen flooring installer of; Ceramic, Laminate, vinyl and Hardwood floors.
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About Us

About Us | Roger Hansen Flooring Installation - Forest Lake, MN

Roger Hansen is the owner and operator of Roger Hansen Flooring Installation. He has been providing quality flooring work at low prices to the Forest Lake, MN area since 1978.

Roger is committed to providing superior work along with excellent customer service. As a small business owner, Roger understands the importance of building strong and lasting relationships with he’s clients and that starts with offering the best services possible.

Roger has years of flooring installation, repair and removal experience. He knows how to do the job quickly and correctly. Although Roger does not sell flooring materials he can refer you to vendors that will allow you to use his "shop (contractor) discount". Just ask during your free consultation.

Roger cares about your satisfaction, which is why Roger Hansen is here to answer any questions you may have. He wants you to be as informed as possible because we know that a well informed client is a trusting client, and trust is the foundation on which long lasting business relationships are built.

So let Roger Hansen help you get started on making your new floor a reality.