Laminate Floors

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Laminate Floors

Laminate Floors | Roger Hansen Flooring Installation - Forest Lake, MN

Since 1978 Roger Hansen has taken care of all the laminate floor needs of the Forest Lake, MN area. He offers quality work at a price you can afford, your satisfaction is important to him, Which is why he makes every effort to meet your flooring needs.

Roger offers a free consultation with every flooring job he does. During the consultation Roger surveys the work site, and formulates a plan to best complete the job you have hired him to do. He believes that proper planning in the beginning saves time and money as the work progressed, and helps him guarantee you the best work possible.

Roger Hansen will provide you with tips on maintaining your new laminate floors, ensuring that they will not only last for years, but continue to look as good as the day they were installed.

Laminate floors are a good inexpensive alternative to other flooring options because they are relatively resistant to stain and moisture damage, though they do require more care then some other options, such as tile. Laminate creates a uniform look in your home, making it a comfortable place, as well as adding aesthetic and monetary value.

If you are looking for an expert to install your new laminate floors, look no further then Roger Hansen. Call today to schedule your free consultation, he is ready and able to assist you.